Hi, I'm Dustin Briles - Director of Technology at SEM Wealth Management.

On this blog you'll find posts related to my job at SEM, which includes stuff that is both technical and non-technical. This means that not every post will be equally applicable to everyone, but I hope that this blog will be, overall, consumable by most anyone that happens to pass by. I will try to convey how "technical" a post is in its title and/or tags so that you know what you're getting yourself into before you start reading.

As far as topics go, pretty much anything related to my job is fair game. Things that I like to talk about (and will likely make it into this blog) include:

  • Opinions on technology and security trends, policies, etc
  • My progress as a developer
  • Philosophies about learning
  • Automating technical things
  • Automating non-technical things
  • Trending memes. Which may not sound like it is related to my job, but... we'll see.

A purposeful side-effect of this blog is that it also helps me do my job more effectively - so even if nobody else reads this, it should hopefully be a net positive for me and my employer!

Contact Me

If you have something that you want to say, you can always comment on the blog posts, and there's also  Twitter, LinkedIn, and [email protected]