November 8, 2021

November 2021 Phishing Webinar

Last week we held a webinar on phishing and other security topics. This was essentially a refresh of the 2019 webinar we did, with two specific goals in mind:

  1. Shorter length - I wanted to keep this webinar shorter. I know that I personally don't like to attend long webinars, so why would I expect anyone else to? My goal was 30 minutes for this webinar, and it clocked in at about 38. Longer than I wanted, but still much shorter than 2019's hour-long webinar.
  2. Refreshed content - I kept many of the same examples (and memes), but updated things where appropriate. We've learned a thing or two about phishing since 2019, so I wanted to include some of those things as well.

Here's the replay: